We will be at the Photonics West in San Francisco again
Come visit us from 30. Jan - 1. Feb at the German Pavilion!

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We won the Stuttgart Innovation Award 2023  with our micro camera objective PTX90-f42

About Us


 Competence in 3D-printed Micro-Optics

PRINTOPTIX  designs, developes and fabricates unique micro-optical components on a scale from 10 µm to 2 mm and on a variety of substrates such as optical fiber tips, image sensors, or LEDs. We offer the whole process - from your idea for a micro-optical part to the finished and optimized product and even series production - under one roof. With over 10 years of experience in 3D-printing micro-optical components, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and especially the possibilities in designing and manufacturing micro-optical components and systems. 

Optical Design

We offer complex multi-surface freeform design for 3D printable optics. Our classical design expertise is complemented by extensive knowledge in waveoptical simulation/design, diffractive elements, freeform holograms, optimization algorithms, tolerancing and more.

Structural Design

For the optical design to become a manufacturable system, a structure around the optical active parts is required. We design this structure according to your needs and with the destinct characteristics of the 3D-printing process in mind

Process Optimization

With over 6 years of experience with the process, we know how to tweak and optimize the parameters in manufacturing, so the optical performance of the design is reached in the finished product. With as little as one iteration of printing and measuring the part, we can manufacture the micro-optical system to your specifications and needs.


We print the designed and optimized model on a variety of substrates, including glass slides, image sensors, fiber tips or LEDs. The substrates can be altered to your needs or you get just the printed component without a substrate.


After printing the optimized micro-optic, we measure the surfaces and check the optical performance to make sure it fits the specifications of the design and meets your requirements.




Of this process chain, we offer you each individual step to your needs or the whole package. We also offer small series production for any of your ideas.

You have a finished optical design and need it manufactured? 

You just have an idea for a micro-optical system and need someone to make it a reality?

Then Contact Us and let us know.




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