Our Service

We design and manufacture micro-optical systems custom-made to fit your needs. Here are some examples of customer projects and our own research:

120° field of view, distortion free endoscope objective on an optical imaging fiber, complete with aperture stop and metal sleeve for stray light shielding and mechanical protection. Overall diameter: 340µm

Customer Project:
Prototype of a 9x9 array of compound parabolic concentrators on a micro LED array for optical data transfer. Next to it is a 3x3 array of an aspherical lens solution for comparison of efficency.

Microprojector with 200µm diameter on the tip of a fiber.


Multi aperture camera solution with 5 different fields of view, realized by 3 different optical designs. Overall field of view of 160°. Ladybug for size comparison. 

Imaging system with central aperture on the tip of a 
160 µm imaging fiber. 

Unusual optical system with 4 tilted free form surfaces for a tilted field of view. This shows the degrees of freedom that 3D-printing of optical systems offers. No assembly, alignement or tools are required, the production cost is independent of surface complexity. 


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